- Using a safe and easy column UV coating

-Can be coated in a small space with ease
Designed to inspire Confidence - Right out of The Box!
▩Using UV Coating
Material by ultraviolet light in the UV coating with a solution made to stop the machine without a scratch its alteration to the existing material is less will increase storage availability.
▩Coating quality
Using conventional heat curing coating machine UV coating machine is a way to be cured by ultraviolet light, so does not need direct heat. Therefore, adult thermoplastic plastics, wood and even heating at high temperature materials is difficult to cure than equivalent high-quality paints and coatings are available.
▩Everybody easy task
Without any special skills or UV coating material evenly and with ease Vala 1 minute 30 seconds to put the machine in a short time baking the coating material is possible. Small, easily coating machine in a small space to make the best products can pumjilin
1. Many materials such as metal eunsojaena phenomenon prevents scratches easily. In addition saekbyeonjiledo material is effective.
2. How easy that anyone can work with UV and mechanical work in a small space in a smaller size is possible.
Dimensions 293mm(W) X 340mm(D) X 325mm(H)
Walking Area 150mm(W) X 230mm(D) X 40mm(H)
power consumption 600W
weight 13.6kg
prepare time