Real-time 3D Scanning machine


- Scanning in real-time

- The Artec 3D Scanner works just like a regular video camera, but instead of a two-dimensional image, the result is a three-dimensional one with speeds of up to 15 surfaces per second! Thus, the scanning process becomes extremely straightforward: simply walk around the object and scan it from various angles, while the accompanying software combines all the scanned images into one. Watch the scanning process (Head of Dorifor ? Sculpture)
Fast. Accurate. Compelete. Artec Real-Time 3D Scanner

The Artec is a handheld 3D scanner, which allows the user to scan various objects with ease. Having the ability to walk around the object, scanning every side of it is especially important when the objects cannot be moved.

▩No Markers Needed!
To scan an object, there is no need to place countless markers all over it. The system uses unique geometry of each object to properly correlate the scanned images and to join them into one 3D image in real time (during the actual scanning process)!
▩Scanning of moving objects
Because the Artec 3D Scanner is almost a 3D camera in fact, it can be used to not only scan stationary objects, but dynamic ones as well. This can be especially useful in medical applications and movie production where it’s vital to capture an actor’s facial expressions in 3D.
▩Scanner Software

Along with the scanner, the client receives specialized software which guides him through the entire scanning process and all the way through the refinement of the final image.
For a more detailed description, please watch these video guides.

▩Exporting into other formats

Using the included software application, the client can export the 3D model into one of many other popular formats: STL, OBJ, PLY or WRL. The images then can be utilized in ZBrush, 3D Studio Max, Maya, Rapidform and other software programs used to manipulate 3D images.

Dimensions, HxDxW
2.3 kg
1.9 kg
1.9 kg
1.4 kg
Power consumption
12V, 36W
1x USB2.0
Light source
flash bulb (no laser)
Field of view, HxW
Working distance range
0.8 - 1.6 m
0.4 - 1 m
0.15 - 0.25 m
0.4 - 1 m
Video frame rate, up to
15 fps
Exposure time
0.0001 s
Data acquisition speed, up to
500,000 points/s
3D resolution
- single frame mode, up to
3 mm
1 mm
0.4 mm
1 mm
- multi frame mode, up to
1 mm
0.5 mm
0.2 mm
0.5 mm
3D accuracy
- single frame mode, up to
0.3 mm
0.15 mm
0.06 mm
0.05 mm
- multi frame mode, up to
0.1 mm
0.05 mm
0.02 mm
0.05 mm
< 1 min (no special equipment required)
Output formats
Processing capacity
40'000'000 triangles/1GB RAM
Multi core processing
Windows XP, Windows Vista, 32bit, 64 bit
Minimum computer requirements
Intel Core™ 2 duo, 2Gb RAM, NVIDIA GeForce Go 7400