- Auto power off, Safety protection devices mounted

- Can easily create a gift or a dog necklaces
- In a thick wooden boards or plaques can be produced.
- Good and the temperature of the pressure plate is
  easy to work becoming a long-lasting.
Designed to inspire Confidence - Right out of The Box!
▩Quick bedails
▩Various utilization
Possible to work without high heat melt the flat side can go anywhere to work. Necklaces, earrings, key rings, as well as accessories of haendeuponjuldeung T-shirts, towels and textiles, the use of thick wooden boards or plaques, etc., because an infinite variety of valuable items and side items as business is very suitable item.
▩The ability to think safety
Mug Press is easy for everybody to work is because it is equipped with safety features. Pressure is good for a long time temperature of the soleplate ensures continued safe operation, including automatic power-down feature to secure the device can work faster and have time alarm devices in continuous operation is convenient for mass action.

Product Specifications

Dimensions 340mm(W) X 450mm(D) X 350mm(H)
power supply 220V/10A
power consumption 1.5KW
weight 19kg
ETC a built-in self-timer (second, minute)