3D Solution Desktop Engraver


- Simply Brilliant.

- Now anyone can produce beautiful, professional engraving of text and scanned graphics right from their computer. Roland designed the EGX-20 to be remarkably easy to operate, even for beginners. The EGX-20 is large and powerful enough to handle a wide variety of engraving jobs, including awards, product serial numbers, office directories, personalized items and more, yet small enough to fit comfortably on your desktop. Thanks to its intuitive joystick and dial controls, operation is uncomplicated for both novices and experienced professionals. The EGX-20 includes everything you need to get started immediately, including a complete suite of engraving software.
Designed to inspire Confidence - Right out of The Box!
▩H Roland's Active Surface Tracking System
Among the most revolutionary of the EGX-20's features is its Automatic Surface Tracking System. AST automatically tracks the height of the material to ensure engraving at a consistent depth, even on bowed or non-uniform surfaces. Unlike systems that can take extensive trial and error to learn, AST makes setting the origin point and cutting depth effortless. Now you can produce consistently beautiful results with less learning time and less wasted materials.
▩Engrave a Wide Variety of Materials
With its 15,000-rpm spindle motor, the EGX-20 is powerful enough to engrave on a wide variety of popular materials, including acrylics, PVC, ABS, polycarbonate and wood. With the optional diamond scraper and burnishing attachment, you can also scribe light metals such as aluminum and brass for awards. Securing the material to the worktable is easy with the included adhesive sheet. Once you select the material to be engraved from the menu of the included software, the EGX-20 automatically determines optimum cutting speed and tool path, assuring smooth accurate results.
▩How AST Works:
An automatic height sensor is attached to the lower end of the spindle unit. In addition to tracking the height of the material, AST controls the spindle and cutter height automatically. It also protects the surface from being scratched by cutting debris. A choice of three-different-diameter nose cones is included, allowing you to choose the most appropriate size, depending on the line thickness or curvature of the material. ※AST may not be able to engrave some materials, depending upon their shapes and/or design.
▩Powerful, Easy-to-Use Engraving Software Included
Included with the EGX-20 is a complete suite of software: Dr. Engrave for nameplate engraving, 3D Engrave for producing reliefs and Virtual MODELA for simulating finished work.
  • Converts Windows TrueType fonts into single-line fonts for scribing so you won't need to purchase new fonts.
  • Imports database files (*.txt/csv) and automatically lays them out for fast engraving of nameplates in large quantities. A "V" cut function outlines borders for easy separation of individual plates.
  • Accepts scanned images such as illustrations or company logos directly from your scanner and computer for engraving.
  • Quickly handles enlargement and reduction.
Dr. Engrave

3D Engrave
  • Adds thickness to bitmap images to create reliefs.
  • Allows you to specify different engraving depths for various objects in a single design for added creativity
3D Engrave

Virtual MODELA
  • Preview finished reliefs on screen prior to actual production.
  • Lighting effects, material color and bitmap overlays can be added to represent the finished product.
  • Accurately estimates engraving time.