- Everyone can be made easily

- It is not possible permanent alteration
- Various accessories can be made for different purposes
- Electricity use no! Using the computer no!
Anyone can easily work EMBOSSING MACHINE
Easy for anyone making
Applied by pulling the lever of a round circle with the letters engraved embossing felt in a way that each of the yin and yang Everyone is easily possible to manufacture products. Pull the lever to the next stall available at the same time in a row because the characters are saegilsu.
Compact shape
Small and light compared to other devices, desktop type, please work easier.
▩English, number and special characters
English (A ~ Z), including the numbers (0-9), special characters (, '&. - / () @ * +!? ":) because you want to put your phrase into a variety of tasks can be. dog tag 15 characters each by five horizontal lines (vertical) who can put a total of 65, according to your desired spot position for the letters carved into the desired position will pull the lever.

Product Specifications
Dimensions 268mm(W) X 335mm(D) X 13.9mm(H)
Usable material size 50mm(W) X 28mm(D)
Work area 80mm X 50mm
Length Width 15Characters, Length 5Line / A total of 65 characters
font Batang
Kinds of characters

English(A~Z), numbers(0~9), special characters( , ' & . - / ( ) @ * + ~ ! ? " : ) /A total of 52 characters