Since starting Metaza business in 2000 at small retail shop, we have
endeavored to be the best company who can give value added to our
customers, not just meaning the largest company in size. We always have kept in mind that we should be the company who can give a bit of happiness to our end-customers through our unique and arts-to-date products. It is our company's ethics.

Through the business experience, we have accumulated our own know-how to run successful business in Metaza business and we will be your ideal partner for Metaza business. Do you know we are only exclusive Metaza machinery dealer? Yes, we are. We have own manual from raw material purchasing to produce products, own design capability and retail selling know how. So, we are the sole company who can manage Metaza business from A to Z. Through it, we have supplied qualified and competitive price products to our partners.

Do you want to start Metaza business? We will be the answer to be business know-how consultant, to be supplier for variety of Metaza materials with qualified real time A/S network. For the material, we have developed over 50 different materials, parts and natural wooden frame.

Now, we are supplying our product to all over the world as USA , Canada , Australia , Japan , even if China as well as local market. We have 3 franchises, over 70 independent shops in local market and over 100 customers in overseas.

We are strong for design capacity and our designers keep tract with world end-customers demands and are developing
status to art products.
“TO BE FRONTEER” is our motto.